Olympic Relief on your mobile – Vtap

I don’t know about anyone else, but I hate the Olympics. So in light of the continual boredom that is likely to present itself during this time, I’m going to try and find applications and websites to entertain us all.

Today’s site/application is Vtap; a mobile solution to watching videos on your mobile. It grabs videos from popular sites (including YouTube), and downloads them quickly on to your mobile, so you can watch and enjoy.

I’ve been playing around with this on the Nokia E66 I reviewed last week, and it’s impressive. I haven’t managed to get the video streaming working, but I think that might be due to some conflicting configuration settings; however, there is the option to stream purely the audio from a video – which is not only quicker, but handy if you’re using this just to browse music.

Vtap doesn’t just choose some videos from YouTube – I just did a quick search for my channel – and it only took roughly a minute to download the audio stream for one of those videos, which I don’t think is too bad either.

Quite possibly one of the best features available is when you sign up. The mobile application and mobile site is linked directly to the actual website; and you can select videos and create “feeds”, which you can later browse on your phone. This is ideal if you know you’re going to be bored for a long amount of time; or you even want to catch up on some TV clips available via YouTube.

For iPhone users, you’re also supported, as are a number of other brands and models. The Application itself is easy to install, quick to use, and nice to navigate. It is though in a beta version, so expect the odd glitch here and there.

Oh, and another thing!

You may remember Ben in the last week’s video cast referencing to Wikipedia, and trying to rack his brains about the actual name of Big Ben – well Vtap has full Wikipedia integration too. Perfect for those occasions where random (and even important) pieces of information need to be accessed fast!

So there it is, Vtap my first solution to beating the Olympics!

If you have any cool applications, or mobile websites you think would be good for beating boredom send them into me at –

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Yesterday I promised not to moan any more…. It's just so much fun!

Maybe we can work out a rota, so we can be grumpy on different days?



and of course…. over at Mippin we've been Olympic'ing away for your viewing pleasure. We've collected all the best Olympics feeds and you can find them at on your phone or browse to the olympics category. the best bit is the Latest Stories section at the top of the Olympics category, watch the stream of information flow.

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