Orange’s My First Million feature, 2 years behind everyone else

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Seen this around? Orange UK are running one of those align-ourselves-with-successful-people campaigns. Lots of interesting interviews with sharp entrepreneurs. Looks interesting. You can visit the site here.

My issue? I’m not accustomed to visiting any site, ANYWHERE that requires you to download a 36mb file in the oldskoool manner.

I kid you not. If you’d like to watch Jamie Murray Wells, the smart chap who founded Glasses Direct, well, you will have to wait. An instant turn off.

WHERE is the streaming video?

We are in 2008, right? What are the marketers behind this THINKING?

Why didn’t they film the video using QIK? They are, after all, a *MOBILE* services company.

As I sat there waiting for my 8GB RAM quad core machine to process the download — I kid ye not, Firefox actually almost crashed, I pondered on Orange. It’s symptomatic, isn’t it? Poor Orange. Really good thinking, really smart original stuff. Just… 2 years behind everyone else.

We’re in the Facebook world now. Where the hell is the embed function? So I can post one or two videos here out to a 400,000* audience?

Ah well.

We move on. The videos look good, just it took too long for them to open up and download so I didn’t watch them all. How many other business people, also time poor, have done the same?

*400,000 users last month here on Mobile Industry Review. Woo!

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