Qualcomm healthcare MVNO on the way

It looks like Qualcomm is finally getting its MVNO off the ground, according to Wireless Week, which reports that the company has picked a CEO for the operator who will start work next month.

The MVNO, which will go by the name of LifeComm and offer healthcare based services (although no word on specifics) as well as the usual mobile goodies, is set to begin life after it appears Qualcomm found some investors to join it in financing the new operator.

MVNOs haven’t exactly flourished in the US of late but none of them have gone after quite such a niche market as LifeComm. Qualcomm has also got a slightly different buyer in mind – rather than selling to individual users, the company hopes LifeComm phones will be bought by health insurers for their customers. If those insurers promise to knock a few dollars off plans for customers in return for carrying the LifeComm mobile, Qualcomm shouldn’t have too many problems building up a user base.

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