SIMable makes your mobile think it’s unlocked

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This looks rather smart, eh?

Have you come across this before? It launched in April this year and they’ve been shipping to 37 countries since launch.

Here’s the SIMable overview:

SIMable is an ultra thin chip, that when attached to a SIM card, immediately fools most mobile phones into thinking that they have been unlocked. It is compatible with the majority of mobile handsets, including all Nokia BB5 phones, which are becoming more and more difficult to be freed from their original Network.

The company behind it, 24/7 Mobile Solutions Ltd, maintains that:

SIMable can be installed and working in a Network locked handset in a matter of seconds. By using a customised manufactured cutting press, which comes with each unit, a tiny hole needs to be pressed out in the SIM card. Next SIMable needs to be aligned with the SIM and inserted into the locked handset. Using the cutting press, SIMable can be used more than once by transferring to any other SIM card.

Hmm. Interesting! I could use this. In fact I could use it on all my handsets.

I wonder, by the way, if it works with iPhone? 😉

The 24/7 chaps draw these points to your attention as well:

Whilst mobile phone unlocking is not illegal, it will in most cases invalidate the handset’s warranty. SIMable requires no handset interference and thus the full manufacturer’s guarantee remains intact.

The company are keen to stress that unlike any other similar application on the market, SIMable enables 100% functionality on all phones, including full 3G operation.

Ok let’s get down to the nitty gritty. How much?

£16.99 from Each package includes the SIMable chip and customised cutting press, which eliminates any need for messy SIM cutting with scissors.

I’m going to try and get hold of one and try it out.

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

29 replies on “SIMable makes your mobile think it’s unlocked”

Be fascinating to see how you get on, Ewan. It's great having you as our collective guinea pig!!!

It works great this, I've been using it for ages on a 3 locked phone and is brilliant. Though have no idea if it works on an iPhone – I have a gen 1 unlocked.

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This SIM is CRAP! Didn't work more than two hour on my iPhone 3G. The worst sim card ever! I have rebel sim and this one took more than one day to lose signal.

what was it changed too? Trying for a iPhone today and tempted to take on the lowest deal, get a SIMAble and use my T-Mobile staff contract with unlimited data

Need it to be reliable though

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