T-Mobile USA’s App Store: A chat with Tricia Duryee

I recently talked with Tricia Duryee, Principal Correspondent at about her recent exclusive on T-mobile USA launching an app store, similar to that of Apple.

It’s a fantastic move. They are the first mobile operator to break ranks — and, as Tricia and I discussed, this could have substantial ramifications across the industry.

T-mobile USA are, it seems, going to be launching an application store to serve their entire handset range.

That seems like a rather smart decision when Apple are knocking back millions from their App Store. If I recall correctly, I think Steve Jobs told the Wall Street Journal that the App Store itself could be a ‘half billion thing’ (words to that effect) shortly.

Operators are facing sizable challenges when it comes to launching their own App Stores — not least their huge and varied handset populations.

One company standing by to help, by the way? GetJar — I’ll do more on them shortly — but they’re positioning themselves brilliantly to help operators launch instant and fully compatible app stores in days.

Have a listen to my conversation with Tricia below — or via the podcast feed:


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