The AQA Summer Party – and the podcast

I was joined at the AQA summer party on Friday by regular contributors, Dan Lane, Ben Smith and James Whatley. It was held on the Queen Mary, a steamer ship, moored on The Thames just nearby Embankment tube — an excellent spot for admiring much of London.

Based on the success of the trial video we did last week, we decided to take the camera with us to the party and see how we got on creating another video podcast. We took the opportunity to point the camera in the direction of Paul Cockerton, Marketing Director of AQA. Plus, we’ve got things of the week and the usual hot discussion points. James Whatley also shows off his phone ‘skillz’ by walking round the party identifying the mobile phone model number of almost every guest handset on display.

My favourite new section is our Sony Ericsson news segment in the video. I think we’ll definitely keep that in for future editions.

By far the most popular element of the video last week was the footage of everyone screwing up. So we’ve stuck in some more bloopers from this week for your viewing pleasure.

We’ll have the video up shortly.

By Ewan

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