Tonight we’re at Sony Ericsson’s summer party

I’m looking forward to meeting the Sony Ericsson chaps. Whilst they make some really good handsets, I’m thoroughly depressed by their lack of perceived innovation. Candybar after Candybar after Candybar. Show me the innovation! And that doesn’t mean putting Windows Mobile on to a Sony. We shall be addressing these issues and more tonight.

The MIR Show team — Dan Lane, Ben Smith and James Whatley — will be there in force to produce next week’s show.

As far as content goes, I’m thinking normob-walk-about. I think we might be able to get an interview with their Marketing Director. We shall find out.

I’m wondering if there will be any Sony Ericsson handsets that we can put into a competition. You never know. Or maybe some pens!

If you’ve any requests, questions or ideas for what we should film/do at the Sony Ericsson party (aside from trying to keep James Whatley from shoving his N95 8Gb in peoples’ faces), let us know?

By Ewan

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No.. let James shove his N95 under the noses of the SE folks.. fingers crossed it MIGHT get them to make something as innovative! 🙂 And Dan MUST wear his T-Shirt 🙂

that's a good question.

to add to that, ask them why they keep pushing their proprietary connectors on everyone!

walkman devices, made since the cassette player in the 70's, to now have had a 3,5 mm headphone jack. the sony ericsson brand doesn't believe in them apparently.

Say what?
Can't wait to read your impressions about SE!
Will you be reconsidering the policy about SE in MIR after tonight?
Try to nick the Xperia and give it a go. And tell me all about it!
Questions? Just tell SE that if they should get their act together or their market share will remain in decline.
And their support service is non existent.

I'd have said their software update facility is the best in the market. I've seen bugs I've reported disappear from me reporting them to the next software update.

Anyway, ask them to release a light sabre app for their waggle sensitive phones like the one you can get for the N95.

Oh, and ask them why on their mobile site ( ) the set of applications you can download for free varies depending on which location you say you are in.

Ask them why they use a silly connector for power, data and headphones? What's wrong with standard USB for data / charging? A simple 3.5mm jack for headphones would suffice.

Oh, find out if there are going to be any more touch screen smartphones (a la P800 / 900) now that Apple have made them fashionable again.

Ewan, If you could get some information about why SE has lost the plot and how they aim to remedy this shocking selection of handsets and lack of innovation.
What is their aim for this and next year and what do they plan to do to remedy that?


I'm right there with tim and Stefan on this one — do we really NEED another Windows Mobile vendor? They make great hardware, I'd love to see them throw some Symbian love behind it. Especially if they could take the great Walkman interface and graft it onto S60 as an OS.


I feel an alcohol related u-turn coming on 🙂

c905 looks nice – 8megapixies, slider, nice design

walkman range as some lovely innovated beautiful sliders
and a couple of new ones that dont even look like phones.

but they ain't smart phones.

i loved my p800 to bits. like you say since then its been a bit lacking
every time theres always one or two dealbreakers – mainly crap cameras in their 'smart' offerings

They went out of fashion?

I am still using my P800 as my only phone!

In all honesty, I keep thinking I will replace it but it is a piece of design genius – just a bit dated (and it really doesn't do network data).

Very shortly they won't have a choice re USB charging, if they want to sell anything in China…

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