Ubik – Free Mobile Site Creation

I was browsing the World Wide Web, when I came across Ubik; a free mobile site creator. Ubik offers free site hosting, and sub-domains!

I thought I would investigate the service, as a keen web-builder myself; I’m always intrigued to see what there is to offer, and today I have been pleasantly surprised.

In all it took me no more than forty-five minutes to come up with a basic four page website, with a couple of images, and a some text here and there. I was even able to include a PayPal donate button the bottom of my Home page.

The website itself was published in little less than five minutes and registration was simple and easy. The best bit of course, is not only the fact it’s free, but seeing the end result.

Don’t expect anything magical, you are only offered a choice from a set number of templates, but that doesn’t stop your site looking rather cool. You can upload images, and even create online Galleries with your own photos. I even uploaded a picture I’ve taken on my own digital camera (which was somewhere in the region of 4MB), and Ubik automatically resized, and compressed it, so that it was suitable for mobile browsing.

The online site creator is simple to use, and comes with a variety of features for you to include. Paypal buttons, search bars, images, text, and menus.

Obviously, the sub-domain, isn’t the best in the world, but if you’re just starting out, or looking for inspiration with what to do for your own mobile site, I think this is perfect.

I’m also pretty sure if you put more time into building the site, and played around with the features more, you could probably get something a lot better looking than my forty-five minute creation.

Check out more pictures of my site “here” or point your mobile towards http://thesamantha.ubik.net

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