Mobile Industry Review Show – Episode 17 from Covent Garden

Dan Lane, Ben Smith and James Whatley are back! This week we took the video podcast to Covent Garden — Central London’s haven for tourists.

It’s a very special video this week — we tried out the SIMable ‘sim unlocking solution’ for handsets on a Nokia N95… and it worked. Then we tried it on an Apple iPhone 3G…. and it worked. An EXCLUSIVE! All on camera for your viewing pleasure. £16 of pure joy, that SIMable. I’ve just ordered one myself.

We were joined by a special guest in the form of Josh Russell — entrepreneur, founder, WiMax specialist and new Tuttle Brighton social media cafe host.

We pull take a look at Duracell’s new mobile phone (and iPhone/iPod) Pocket Charger — thanks Duracell, it’s good to see them bringing their might to this market.

James takes a walk about Covent Garden and checks out the phones in use by the tourists and young things. There are plenty of annoyed CDMA-sporting tourists without their cell phones — and even one Canadian couple (we really felt for them).

And — we had so much feedback from the previous two videos about the bloopers (you really liked them) so we’ve kept them in this week. You must, must, must watch — I kid ye not, James Whatley was ‘spotted’ by some Italian girl who thought he was a famous singer. She proceeded to demand an autograph and photo. No shrinking violet, our very own Superstar Whatley was happy to oblige. Must-see TV.

Here, then, is the high quality video:

Mobile Industry Review Video 17 from Ewan MacLeod on Vimeo.

Featured SMS Text News people:
– Dan Lane
– Ben Smith
– James Whatley
(and me, Ewan, briefly — for my Sony Ericsson News)

Topics discussed:
1. Duracell’s New Mobile Phone (and iPhone/iPod) Pocket Charger ( 01:13 )
2. SIMable ‘sim unlocking solution’ for handsets ( 02:07 )
-Nokia N95 ( 02:40 )
-Apple iPhone 3G ( 06:14 )
3. Sony Ericsson News ( 10:54 )
4. Ewan Macleod discusses the site name change ( 11:16 )
5. Special Guest: Josh Russell ( 12:21 )
6. Femtocell feature coming soon ( 15:40 )
7. James Whatley phone spotting with the Covent Garden Normobs ( 16:48 )
8. James Whatley mistaken for a famous singer? ( 22:30 )

Reading this on a phone? Good news. You can probably view the 3gp version of the video by clicking here. It works on most modern handsets.

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