AdMob serves 35m iPhone impressions in August

“On the bus on the way to the Financial District [in San Francisco] every one is using an iPhone. It’s unreal.”

That’s a quote I got from a chap I met today about San Francisco. They love their iPhones here, they really do.

But iPhone lovin’ isn’t just restricted to the City By The Bay. It’s spreading.

Yes it’s still a tiny dot in the ocean of mobile — but it’s a very, very influential dot.

Enter AdMob, then with their August statistics. They’ve served over 35 million ads on the iPhone platform during the month. To put this in perspective, they served 3.6 billion ads across their whole mobile platform in August.

Why’s the iPhone different? Well, it offers a heck of a lot more. You can get creative. You’re not restricted to text or a really, really small, piece-of-shit advert. You’ve got real estate to play with.

Here are some recent examples (the ads are at the bottom):

Smart. Very smart. AdMob are reporting nearly three times the response rate from iPhone ads compared with normal text based mobile ads. It’s not surprising.

I’m also pleased to see that a lot of brands are taking the plunge and experimenting. Here are just a few:

EA Mobile, Herbal Essences, Universal Studios’ The Mummy 3, Land Rover, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Fox Searchlights’ Choke, MGMs’ College, Summit Films’ Sex Drive, Toshiba, CBS News, Luxor Hotel, and DirecTV

I’m hoping to get a few minutes with Jason from AdMob sometime this week so I’ll see if I can get more perspective.

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