An international MIR Show?

We recorded Monday’s MIR Show last night and it’s going to be a slight departure from the norm, I think.

We had a whole schedule planned — but the chaps got stuck with the Poloroid PoGo bluetooth printer so I kept the camera on as Dan Lane and James Whatley bickered with each other for about 35 minutes, trying to get the device to work.

I haven’t done the edit, but I think I might keep quite a lot of their shenanigans in. It really is a super example of not-reading-the-manual.

Ben Smith couldn’t be with us for filming — Ed Hodges of Howler Tech gallantly agreed to step in. Thank you for that Ed.

The following week, however, most of us — bar Dan (he’s staying in London) — are out of the country. James is in Helsinki with Nokia (“the mothership”). I’m in San Francisco at CTIA Wireless and Ben Smith is in Beijing. We’ll still be able to bring you a packed show. Oh yes. We’ve done a lot of work on that.

So this Monday, expect a brand new episode of the MIR Show. Then, across the week, expect a varied amount of updates — textual and video — from the team.

I’ve got interviews with companies every hour from 7am ’til 9pm daily next week. I’m going to try and film them all — and try and get some stuff up on the site as well.

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