AQL launches developer competition – £3,000 up for grabs

Voice and messaging provider, AQL, are staging a developer competition to both celebrate their 10th anniversary and to stimulate development across the industry. Always good news.

Dr Adam Beaumont, top chap at AQL, comments:

We’re seeing a host of applications crop up start to use our interfaces, from twitter-like applications and facebook plug-ins through to integration with legal software and CRM systems

Aye. There’s actually a lot of innovation going on in the marketplace — but it’s always useful to stimulate it. So if you think you’ve got a good idea that could make use of multiple APIs (e.g. SMS, MMS, Voice, Fax and Email), then you really should give a bit of attention to the AQL Developer Competition.

Stuart, their Biz Dev chap explains:

We’re specifically looking for clever use of multiple APIs together so any combination of SMS/MMS/Voice/Fax/Email. These can be either “self-contained” applications or websites, or they can be interfaces which “enable” third party applications (such as facebook) access to aql functionality. The winners will be notified on the 15th of November. It only remains for me to wish you all the best of luck and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send me a private message [via the AQL developer forum].

The developer rules are right here.

I’m going to be judging along with Dr Mike Short of o2, Jay Daley (CTO of Nominet), Victor Keegan of The Guardian and Dr Adam himself.

I’m thinking of a few applications already. You’ve got a lot to play with there. Lots of APIs and possibilities. Conveniently, AQL will also provide text-in numbers free of charge to developers for the duration of the competition.

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