Dog saves owner’s life by calling 911. I kid ye not.

It must be true! I read it on CNN! 😉

Yes, Buddy, a rather hip German Shepherd stayed calm when his owner had a seizure. He lifted the telephone receiver and knocked out 9-1-1 as per his training.

The police dispatcher surmised that the whimpering and barking on the other end of the line indicated assitance was required. Think Lassie.


What’s that Lassie?


Mr Stalnaker’s had a seizure and needs our help?


We’re on our way, Lassie!

Joking aside there was an entry in the dispatcher database saying that the chap had a 911-trained dog.

Very smart indeed.

I wonder if Buddy could be trained to operate a ‘big’ mobile phone too?

Or, making things simpler, perhaps Mr Stalnaker could consider installing a big red panic button that Buddy could press, rather than having to life the phone and so on.

Anyway, good news for Buddy and Mr Stalnaker, eh?

By Ewan

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