Flirtomatic users to now flirt with Sharpcards’ content

Flirtomatic, UK’s leading flirting service has today announced its partnership with Sharpcards, the global pioneer in enhanced mobile messaging.

As a part of the agreement, Sharpcards will provide its content to over 900,000 of Flirtomatic users, while still holding the mobile licensing rights of its content. An initial trial of the same was undertaken by both the companies since February and has been highly successful. The agreement will work on a revenue sharing basis and gives Flirtomatic users access to over 15,000 items from brands such as Purple Ronnie, Cartoon Network and Forever Friends, all under Sharpcards’ roof.

Presently, the deal is said to cover Flirtomatic’s userbase in the UK and Germany. A speciality shop, knows as the ‘FlirtShop’ will be set up for the users, where they can go ahead and buy content from Sharcards such as creative messages, virtual gifts and mobile greetings. Users can make use of, what has been named as ‘Flirt Points’ to buy these contents.

CEO of Flirtomatic, Mark Curtis, whom we’ve spoken to in the past, said:

Teaming up with Sharpcards means that our users now have access to even more high quality content which we can refresh on a much more frequent basis. With an amazing portfolio of content from some of the most exciting brands at our fingertips, we know we have found the right partner for our needs. Sharpcards is the pioneer in mobile messaging and with its truly global reach, they will be a key partner as we expand our presence and offerings.

After setting up a base in Germany as a part of its European expansion strategy, Flirtomatic is now looking to expand in the other international markets too.

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