Heathrow gets T-Mobile’s largest Wi-Fi hotspot

If you are one of those regular air-travelers who often frequent the Heathrow Airport in the UK, this might come as a good news to you. Next time, pray that you get to use the Terminal 5 of the airport, so that you get to use T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi.

Why’s that so interesting? Although technologically, the Wi-Fi at the Terminal 5 offers nothing out of the extraordinary, it gets the credit for being T-Mobile’s largest Wi-Fi hotspot in the UK. It is so big, that I had to walk whole 50 football pitches to compare it with. T-Mobile also offers its Wi-Fi services at the other terminals at the Heathrow airport.

To be able to use the services, given that you are NOT a customer, T-Mobile charges £5 for one hour’s access or yo can pay just £10 for a whole 24 hours. Regular users can purchase a monthly subscription at £20 per month. Yes, they take credit cards too.

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