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It’s official: Dell launches Inspiron Mini 9 with Vodafone Europe

Oh baby! Remember last night I reported a tip about Dell’s Inspiron Mini 9 ultra-mobile device coming, possibly to Vodafone?


Picture 13

It’s arriving across Vodafone Europe in late September. I just got the release from them.

It’s obviously got built-in HSDPA broadband. You’ll be able to get it directly from Dell or from a Vodafone store (or Vodafone Online).

Weighing in at only 1.035 kg, the Inspiron Mini 9 is the perfect Internet companion, delivering maximum connectivity in a slim, sleek, piano black design. Its features, including sealed keyboard and reliable solid state disc (SSD) memory storage, bright 8.9-inch glossy LED display (1024×600), and built-in webcam, are designed to offer the customer easy, convenient Internet browsing, instant messaging, and rapid music and video downloads.

Let’s hear from Andrew at Vodafone:

Andrew Sangster, Director of PC Connectivity, Vodafone commented “The recent acceleration in the take up of mobile broadband has demonstrated just how hungry consumers are for Internet access. Building on our long relationship with Dell, the availability of the Inspiron Mini 9 will further enhance what a customer can achieve with mobile broadband whilst on the move. Today’s announcement marks the next step in the evolution of mobile broadband services bringing mobile broadband into the hands of many more customers.”

And from Michael at Dell:

Michael Lombardo, VP & General Manager, Consumer, Dell Europe said “Technology has become an essential part of how people connect with one another – whether it’s surfing the Web, chatting with friends, keeping updated on the latest news, sharing photos or social networking. Dell is committed to providing consumers with technology that allows them to connect any place, any time with mobile broadband.”

Country availability and pricing is coming soon. If Vodafone subsidise it and make it 20 or 30 quid a month on, say, a 24-month contract, I’ll have one. Definitely.

And so will you, right?


  1. Currently showing on the Dell UK web site, starting from £299 with XP Home installed. No mention of HSDPA that I can see.

    If Voda make it £20 a month, I'll probably be sold.

  2. wrong lol

    I was a vodafone customer until today. Shocking CS at 191 and total lack of 3G pretty much anywhere from Torquay to Lands End when on Holiday where i am now…… having a slow GPRS connection is a total turn off for me. Got me a t-mobile modem on test and using HSDPA/HSUPA in my room now to type this getting an average of 1.2 to 1.3mb/s connection speeds which is very fast on my Advent.

    Of course signal is different for everyone but just watch out because by end of the year 3 and T-Mobile will have 7.2mb/s and HSUPA across all the network where as a lot of Voda's network will still be 1.8mb/s

  3. I cannot wait to see how much this is going to be on a VF contract!

    As for VF coverage, sure 3G isn't everywhere yet, and I myself live in a 2G area. However, 2G internet is better than no internet at all. It's just like stepping back into 1998, with a good bit of the old dial-up speeds. Slow, but still useable.

  4. Steve – agreed.

    I think the amazing browsing stats on the 2G iPhone pretty much dealt to the myth that you *need* 3G to make mobile internet useful/attractive. All the time-critical, need-it-now internet stuff is available as text-only – email, train/flight times, directions, news, eBay – even Google maps has text-based driving directions.

    Having 3G enables recreational stuff like YouTube, photo browsing, music and video download/watching. As things evolve, the critical stuff will become more feature-rich and the latency will fall leading to a nicer experience, but the fundamentals are delivered quite satisfactorally with 2.5G.



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