Julian Saunders, CEO of Mobyko on Android’s ‘Gmail Walled Garden’

Julian is wondering if Google Android is the real deal. Let’s see what he’s got to say:

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First of all it’s great to see a new platform entering the market as this extra competition is just what the market needs to spur it on to more innovative development. It’s a great challenge to existing manufacturers.

Google have laid down the gauntlet and have got many things right with this architecture, but they have also missed some opportunities to create a real iPhone killer. Android offers both consumers and developers a flexible and customisable mobile phone. Developing mobile software has probably never been easier, which will encourage a swarm of Google aficionados and the open source community to produce a wealth of software, in a way probably never seen before in the mobile space.

However, Google have spurned some in the industry, by turning their back on some already widespread standards – predominantly SyncML. So are Google trying to create a walled garden here? Are they attempting to tie users into Google Mail by offering it as the primary place to store contacts?

Also, some have questioned Google’s motives behind this move. Google, as a company have heavily pushed cloud computing and the web browser as the new application space, and are now back-tracking to enter the OS market it has up to now discredited. No matter, it just goes to highlight how important the mobile web space has become in the last couple of years and how exciting it’s future is set to be.

After all is said and done, the Android Phone may not enter the market with the same fanfare that heralded the iPhone, but it will probably make a bigger splash over the coming months and years. I for one am excited to see the battle commence.

‘Viva la Android Revolution!!’

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I’m pleased you’ve raised this point Julian. Google Contacts in Gmail or Google Apps seems to be the black sheep — the dunce at the back of the classroom. It appears to have only got the most cursory of glances from the Google team — which is not only a total shame, it’s a complete arse for me and anyone else wanting to sync their contacts across multiple mediums (and perhaps use Mobyko to assist).

But you’re right Julian… Viva la Android Revolution!

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