Mobile Email – A response

We just got this in from Lars, Vice President of Marketing over at Momail.


The thought’s in todays article is very, very right!

The hurdles described are some of the ones we at Momail and quite successfully are trying to solve.

Momail’s focus is consumer email and we focus on:

Ease of use – Simple registration, then just accept an sms and all of your mobile data and email settings are done. Now downloads or installation needed.

Device support – supports 1100+ different mobiles, so it will probably work on your already existing mobile.

Optimization to better fit the mobile channel and specific device – auto optimization of all emails and attachments for each mobile model sent to, saves up to 99,9% of the traffic making much faster transmission and cheaper bills (lower mobile data cost)

Your mobile postman – auto collect and aggregating of all emails to the mobile inbox, includes dynamic sender so that answers will arrive from the right email account address (nice if you aggregate many as I do).

Spam and virus protection – included. I almost “accept” spam on my pc but NOT on my mobile, it washes all emails from all accounts before hitting the mobile, so I successfully use Momail just to wash my emails from some accounts where I get a lot of spam.


Momail together with a fixed low mobile data plan and you don’t have to wait 18 months. Try it now for free at (or for other countries).

Comments and need of more info?

Just contact me.



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