Mobile Industry Review Show – Episode 24

And thus, here is the 24th Mobile Industry Review Show episode. For those who aren’t paying close attention — for clarity, we’re numbering the episodes literally. Thus last week’s episode was numbered 22 and the trailer we published was numbered 23. So that’s us on 24.

And it’s a special one. Packed to the rafters. The key focus is the Sony Ericsson party including a chat with their UK Marketing Director, David Hilton. We take a hands-on look at the W595 and, of course, the Xperia (with which James Whatley was rather taken).

Then we focus on the upcoming Future of Mobile event with a brief chat to event producer, Dominic Travers. We’ve actually got a good 10 minutes of briefing from Dominic so we’ll publish the full version nearer the time. Key message: Get your tickets now, while they’re still 145 pounds. They’ll go up in price by 100 quid shortly.

Look out for a cameo from Ed Hodges of Howler Tech.

And we’ve got the first of our reader introductions.

We announce the winner of the Etymotics headset and give you a preview of some more cool things to win. Watch of for Ben Smith’s special first-past-the-post competition too.

We were hoping bring you the next episode of the MIR Show from the Mobyko party this week — but it looks like it’s been moved ’til the 11th of September and we’re out of the country.

Featured SMS Text News people:
– Dan Lane
– Ben Smith
– James Whatley

Topics discussed:
– The Sony Ericsson Party: SE W595 ( 01:34 )
– David Hilton Marketing Director, Sony Ericsson UK ( 05:34 )
– Normob Hunting at the Sony Ericsson Party ( 10:02 )
– Ian Williams, News Editor of ( 13:17 )
– A look at the Xperia ( 14:03 )
– The Future of Mobile Conference ( with Dominic Travers ( 18:32 )
– Is this the most beaten-up iPhone ever? with Ed Hodges of Howler Tech ( 21:42 )
– Competition Time and Free stuff ( 22:49 )
– The winner of the Etymotics Headset… ( 25:18 )
– A Sony Ericsson Summary ( 26:37 )

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

44 replies on “Mobile Industry Review Show – Episode 24”

Yes – and sorry for the repeated 'they're coming' responses… they are. We just need to get a few changes to the feeds sorted first and then we can press the big green 'go' button. They're days rather than weeks away.

So Sony still disappoint?
I have to say I agree about the “innovative” features in their low end “normob” devices. The shake thing is already in existance in previous handsets; and the novelity is quickly worn off. I wouldn't call it a defining feature, or one that would alter my desire for a device. And as for the playlist selection! Ahh, terrible!

There are a number of websites that have been offering this for at least a year or two now, with far more features and customisation. As Dan said rightly “What happens if I'm not happy or sad?” (or something along those lines. Not good, and definitely not innovative. They've stolen ideas off of websites, and implemented them badly.

Brilliant Podcast as usual, highly entertaining!


What bugs me about the media players pre-installed on Windows Mobile devices is that they very rarely incorporate the functionality I need: turn off the screen when listening to music, turn off the device after XX minutes, and use minimal system resources so I can carry on using other applications while listening.

The same can be said for the home screens that companies are making. They're designed to be friendly to normobs, but tend to typically be slow and not actually very useful. Windows Mobile already has a home screen system! Sure it's not as pretty, but it's much faster and there's hundreds of plugins available for it.

None of the software shown in the video for the Xperia is actually something I'd use. At this stage I would still consider the handset, but only from a hardware perspective.

As Ben suggests, I think I'll stick to HTC!

So all in all – Nothing has changed at SE – yet! A Motorola-esque disbanding coming on the horizon allegedly. All those mentioned in the podcast already exist on current SE handsets, so what's new?
Dire times.

After you asking for an e-mail subject like that, it was very tempting to add a sarcastic remark in the body of the e-mail along the lines of “…excluding James, Dan, and Ewan”.

However! I think you all do a great job and it's the set of you together that make the show worth watching 🙂

i have to say the chugging of the X1 inteface would make me run a mile.
its what sent the diamond to ebay after a day as well.

I want faster and better interfaces
Not to go back to N70 speeds.

Thank you guys for the Etymotics, I very much appreciate it, especially since I”ve been considering some new headphones anyway!!!

Also very much enjoyed the show this week, and thought your coverage of the SE world was quite balanced.

When will the PR guys realise that a hole in the ground with no GSM or WiFi coverage is a stunningly sub-optimal location for launching mobile phones!

And who compiled the guest list – the guys JW interviewed (apart from Ms '2phones, one of which is an N95') appeared to be bodies just pulled in off the street – hardly mobile trend setters! I am intrigued to find out who Ms RAZR was, and what the heck she was doing there!

[I am still smarting cos I was not invited to the party]

Hey now, maybe they had brought in a repeater so there was phone signal? 🙂 Maybe they also brought in a WiFi access point?

Bah, but you're right, the people who plan these events sometimes don't get it.

I have to agree mate…. Undeground = Poor Venue for a MOBILE event.

But, in argument to that, this *wasn't* a 'blogger event'.
The majority of the attendees were press and are different beasts entirely.

I had to keep reminding the guys of this throughout the evening.
Might have to write this up…

Yes – we've been lucky of late and been the intended audience of most of the events we've been invited to… not the case this time. But my main observation of the night was not that it wasn't a 'blogger event' more that apart from one corner there was virtually nothing to identify it as SonyEricsson. I would have thought even a bit more branding would have been in order… but I'm not a marketing person so perhaps I'm missing some of the 'art' here… 🙂

Now, if Nokia could come up with an all-singing, all-dancing device like that with S60 speed, I'd be shelling out straight away. They just seem to diversify the range to the point where you can never quite get what you want!

Nice show again though, guys!

My Grandad was just going on about how is Motorola Razr is utterly brilliant in all of it's glory. I showed him James Whatley's “Normob Walkabout”, and the Moto bit.

I quote my Grandad:
“And they are only doing that because they know the Motorola is device of brilliance, far beyond their own”.

Oh dear.


I know! I told him the iPhone is actually an alright phone, and it does do a quite a bit.
His argument is that his Moto makes calls, and sends texts; thus it is all he needs.

He is extremely stubborn though, so actually trying to persuade him from his one-sided views is almost near impossible.


I tried to tell him, but to no avail.

He doesn't understand the need for mobiles particularly well. He only has his phone because he likes the contract he has off of O2.

There really is no hope for him.


A message from Sebastian – my 9-year old son:


Can you tell those funny men on not sms text news that I need to win the Skypephone. It is totally unfair that everyone else in the family has a Skypephone and I do not.

If I win I promise to do the dishwasher and clear the table FOR A WEEK – and will do a video for the show.


That's my boy!

At the bottom end of the market, Sony Ericsson contine to knock out really good 'Normob' handsets – it is at the top of the range that they appear to have totaly lost it.

Well done Simon Rockman – you get my vote!

Oh – and Seb also volunteer to take James W out in his dinghy (an Optimist) to test the waterproof cases!

Image – Upside down Oppie – gently sinking N95-8GB against the setting sun…… Nice!

dan lane double fisting minute 2:20 good job!

i find myself doing the normob all the time. excuse me? which mobile phone do you have?
it's awesome! i can't wait to use my flip cam and actually make my very own normob videos!

dan lane double fisting minute 2:20 good job!

i find myself doing the normob all the time. excuse me? which mobile phone do you have?
it's awesome! i can't wait to use my flip cam and actually make my very own normob videos!

dan lane double fisting minute 2:20 good job!

i find myself doing the normob all the time. excuse me? which mobile phone do you have?
it's awesome! i can't wait to use my flip cam and actually make my very own normob videos!

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