Mobile Industry Review Show – Episode 26

Here, then, is the latest Mobile Industry Review Show (“MIR Show”) — Episode 26. It’s jampacked! JAMPACKED with footage from both Beijing, CTIA and London.

Our technical contributor, Dan Lane, anchors the show from his office in London while everyone else was out gallivanting across the globe.

Watch out for:
– Ben Smith live from sticky Beijing
– CTIA interviews with an array of companies including Sonicboom, Trutap, GeoSpot, DeviceAnywhere and Nokia

Topics discussed:
1) Ben’s in Beijing (00:46)
2) CTIA (05:40)
a) ShowStoppers Event Tuesday Evening, CTIA (06:09)
b) DeviceAnywhere: iPhone 3G now available (06:22) : Leila Modarres, Director of Marketing, DeviceAnywhere (06:33)
c) Cascada Mobile (07:46) : Alan Lysne, CEO of Cascada Mobile (07:50)
d) GeoSpot (12:32) : Joe Chen, Founding CEO of (12:36)
e) Quick chat with Carl from Trutap (17:02)
f) Bena Roberts, President of Vicinity Mobile and Owner of (17:57)
g) David Danon, CEO of (20:27)
h) Jeb of checks in! (23:09)
i) Mark, top chap at Nokia North America (23:46)

Across this week we’ll be publishing extended interviews with each of the CEOs and Marketing Executives we interviewed. Standby for that!

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

22 replies on “Mobile Industry Review Show – Episode 26”

Great stuff guys — REALLY interested to see the mobile app space, and the fact that there was a quick app hacked together in about 10 minutes for Ewan's e90 was very impressive.


Very interested to see the Spot reviewed. I'd be interested to hear whether there are any interfaces that could be hooked into by other services as the prices for subscription are pretty cheap for the service it would offer.

Dan, just had a look a p8tch, pretty interesting. Oh, and good work on holding the show together this week!

Did he say “N95 8 gigabit”?

On another note – how much are we thinking Rogers are going to extort the Canadian public to use the Ovi services then?

unbelivable beijing video blog from the olympic compound Ben.
one of my peers from howardforums is traveling to china and needs a prepaid sim.
did you get your sim from a kiosk? or a china mobile store?
laptop is sweet! is that a fujitsu siemens i heard? is that euro market only? never heard of it in US.

Thanks Edgar. I got my SIM from a China Mobile authorised dealer (there must be one about every 300 yards along most streets), but friends also bought them from kiosks without any problems and there is a stall at the airport which doesn't appear to charge a premium and may be more familiar with dealing with english speakers. Be warned – I got a very clear explanation of call costs and deals, but data was more problematic and although I got something and the lady set it up for me it was HTTP only and I never fully understood the bundle I'd bought 🙂

By the way, check out the next show too which has some better coverage from the great wall and the summer palace.

Yes the laptop is the Fujitsu P8010 and I really liked it except some build quality issues with the case. Not sure if it's Euro-only, but as it has a WWAN chip in it I suspect it may be. It too was a fingerprint magnet! A write-up is in the works… watch the site.

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