Mr Operator’s upcoming 2,500 word WiMax ‘viewpoint’

The weekly newsletter subscribers will get the first 5 paragraphs of Mr Operator’s WiMax discourse early this afternoon.

His piece will go live here later in the day.

If you’ve ever wondered about WiMax and whether it’s any good, you’ll want to look at Mr Operator’s take. I don’t think I’m giving anything away when I say he’s not exactly a big fan — this is, perhaps, predictable — given that WiMax is mentioned (in some circles) as heralding the death of the operator as we know it.

And it doesn’t look that much of a stretch, does it? Not when you can walk the length of the City of London (“the square mile”) connected to The Cloud’s WiFi network?

Prepare for a learned discourse.

Oh and we’ll have a podcast of it up shortly too.

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By Ewan

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