N95 8GB on T-Mobile won’t connect. Still.

I picked up my N95 8GB yesterday. It’s been gathering dust and I thought I’d take it with me to this presentation I was giving later in the evening.

It was only when I got on to the train and had a fiddle with the device that I remembered: Arse. It’s a disabled piece of shit.

I don’t know what went wrong with it. It has NEVER, EVER connected to the T-Mobile Data APN. Never. Not once.

I am at a slight loss.

I think I need to try putting the sim card in another device to check if my account is actually screwed. Who knows. I still cannnnnnot believe that it’s possible to acquire a locked T-Mobile handset that doesn’t ‘work’ on the internet by default.


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i found lots on issues with connecting to various things – mainly nokia services – like share online/sports tracker etc when i had a t-moby sim in my n95 – a tmoby locked one. general web access worked ok.

i unlocked it. put in an o2 sim and everything – just started working


I had a couple of those issues after updating my N82 to the newest firmware and ended up doing a tough reset. But thats as the n82 has user information preservationi cant remember if the n95 8gb does now? Either way hard reset and you wont regret it.
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