Nokia’s N82 Firmware bumped up to v30

Following the release of the version 30 of firmware for Nokia’s N95 and N95 8GB phones, Nokia has now made the same version of the firmware available for the N82. Steve, over at AAS, notices that the new firmware update brings similar improvements as compared to the two phones who initially got the updates, but they’re not necessarily identical. Improvements include more stable Flash Lite 3, Maps 2.0, new visualizations for the music player, increased speed and overall performance, less sensitive auto-screen rotation, Share Online 3.0 and various other bug fixes, improvements and better battery life.

Steve goes on to mention that the dim-display feature has not yet been fixed and the new UDP (User Data Preservation) feature sounds a lot comforting. However, from the comments on that article, it seems that the upgrade isn’t playing too fair with the users. So if you’re going to make the jump and play around, do let us know about the update in the comments.

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