Rikke Helms, VP at Dexterra on Android

Rikke has been around the block in the mobile and telecoms industries — in fact she’s worked in and around the marketplace for over 20 years. Currently Managing Director of Global Telecoms at Dexterra (and also VP of EMEA), I wondered what she made of Google and T-Mobile’s Android announcements. Here we go:

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The launch of the Android will kick start more rapid innovation in the mobile space – particularly with regards to business mobility, thanks to Google’s decision to opt for an open-source operating system.

Despite the odd bit of criticism received to date, Android is positive step for the mobile industry, and Google should be applauded for developing an open-source operating system that actually encourages more application developers to get involved, rather than locking them out. It must now take advantage of the huge market opening up for mobile business applications, as more and more enterprises demand bespoke software that caters to their own mobile workforce needs, rather than relying on the generic applications available on existing devices. As developers have been working with the Android platform for many months now, Google looks to have a huge advantage of being able to offer customisable devices to both businesses and consumers alike from the get-go.

Nevertheless, while it’s always big news when a tech giant attempts to enter a new market, it will still be a challenge for Google to take on such established players as RIM.

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Dexterra, by the way, are the chaps who’ll mobilise your workforce.

The next time you’re staring at a plumber or service engineer who’s turned up late, disorganised and without the correct parts — and who doesn’t know when he’ll be ‘back this way any time soon’, you know his company should have got on the blower to Dexterra.

The next time you get really good service from a Virgin Media telecoms chap, that’ll be thanks to the solution Dexterra put in place for them recently.

Anyway, Rikke, thank you very much for taking the time to give your viewpoints!

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