Scott Beaumont of Mippin on the arrival of Android

Scott Beaumont, Mippin CEO, knocked me over this perspective this morning:

Android helps to bring standardization to a vital sector of the market, enabling Mippin to produce even higher quality services for smartphones. The launch of Android offers Mippin yet another opportunity to showcase our flexibility and scalability within a rapidly changing marketplace. We have already optimised Mippin for the new G-Phone on Android and it works like a dream; in fact we have already seen this device visit Mippin ahead of its production release!

Android provides yet another timely boost to data and content consumption, which is great for all the industry. Moreover, at Mippin we are huge advocates of open source development, and Mippin was developed using the same open source techniques that Google advocates too. Mippin’s core product philosophy is about supplying the best and broadest range of content with the best user experience possible on every mobile device. We therefore applaud any move that helps to dissipate lingering concerns over the quality of mobile content.

Bring it on! By the way, you can keep up to speed in on Android news on your mobile through Mippin on

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