Sprint’s got an Android handset in the works

I had a note from Matthäus over at VentureBeat. He pointed me to a post they made yesterday regarding reports that Sprint is working on an Android phone.

Eric, the author, goes on to answer the ‘mass market’ issue we talked about yesterday. Our man at the Google Developer Conference wasn’t entirely sold on the incentive to push mobile operators to adopt Android handsets. Eric points out that the idea behind Android is that operators should do their own front-ends, or their own ‘frosting of the cake’, as Eric put it.

That’s definitely one strategy. It certainly depends on the entrepreneurial vision of the operator.

The HTC Dream is apparently set to go live on the 23rd of September at an NY press conference; and it should hit stores by mid October (17th or thereabouts).

Interesting, interesting…

By Ewan

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