Survey shows battery life as biggest mobile complaint

I picked up the survey of 31,000 UK mobile phone buyers this morning.

Here’s the best features:

15.3% demonstrates that above all, UK purchasers want a handset that looks good. It’s a fashion item. A measly amount want email — only 1.2%. That’s to be expected though when you talk to normobs. I’m not surprised that only 1.5% rated the web browsing experience of their handset as the best bit.

As for the worst features?

Almost 15% had an issue with battery life. No surprise. Have you seen my charger, anywhere? 10% don’t like the navigation. Again, no surprise. Most mobile interfaces are simply useless.

I liked this summary of the best and worst bits of handsets:

27% rated their N95 camera as the best bit of the phone. 35% reckoned the battery life sucked. I think the N95 battery is reasonably good myself.

Sony K850i users were effusive about the camera/video on their device. Stands to reason. Excellent quality on that handset.

The biggest problem with the LG Viewty? 25% disliked the navigation/keypad. Oh dear.

Anyway, interesting reading. More info at the above link.

By Ewan

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