CTIA: Sybase 365 announces International MMS delivery hub

Sybase 365, the subsidiary of Sybase, Inc, the global leader in mobile messaging services today announced its global multimedia messaging exchange system at CTIA in California, USA. Christened MMX 365, the system is designed to nullify operator and country borders so that globally, subscribers can enjoy seamless delivery of MMSs. 

Marty Beard, Sybase 365’s President, says:

Today, businesses operate as part of a global economy—so providing our customers with seamless mobile services regardless of geographic location is paramount.

Sybase 365 is the global leader in SMS and with the launch of MMX 365, the company expands its North American leadership in MMS into the global MMS ecosystem.

Key features and benefits of MMX 365 include:

  • One point of access to deliver to multiple destinations. MMX 365 ensures multi-media messages reach the desired recipient, regardless of which operator is sending or receiving the message or whether a message originated or is received domestically or internationally.
  • Flexible connectivity options. Operators can choose to connect to MMX 365 via a secure IP connection or via GRX.
  • A future-proof number resolution infrastructure. Sybase 365 operates one of the most comprehensive phone number resolution databases deployed today, meaning operators can rest assured that all information is up-to-the-minute accurate.
  • Several value-added capabilities, including automatic scanning of all in-bound MMS messages for known mobile viruses.


We’re hooked onto more news coming in from Ewan present at CTIA.

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