The iPhone: It didn’t work, but I think I like it!

Nearly two weeks ago, Ewan announced he was sending me an iPhone, and simultaneously I announced I really do not like the device. My ramble about the iPhone only summed up a few of my displeasures about the device, but I was more than willing to accept I maybe wrong.

Firstly, I should point out, the iPhone didn’t work. It’s by no fault of Ewan or I, but more like the Antenna is dead. I tried it out on O2, Virgin, Orange, Vodafone and other networks and it just wouldn’t get coverage.
Despite this, I have to say I grew close to the device.

Although I couldn’t text, e-mail, phone, browse or anything that the iPhone was mainly designed to do, I could use the functions of the device. I particularly found the QWERTY keyboard useful, and brilliant.

I hate touch screens, but the keypad was for the most part absolutely brilliant. I had a couple of issues with the fact I couldn’t have it in landscape mode whilst texting or writing notes; but even so, brilliant.

I was equally surprised at the ease of use. My Grandma instantly fell in love with it, and was even thinking up ways in trying to persuade my Grandad to buy her one! I did find the lack of options and settings annoying; I like to have full control over a device I have, and I wasn’t impressed with the lengthy settings menu with little depth.

Annoyingly, I found that the iPod on the iPhone was disappointing; the sound quality from the built-in speakers was horrific. The amount of energy it drained from the battery was equally appalling, and iTunes drove me utterly insane. However, I do have an iPod compatible Altec Lansing speaker device which I had never used with an iPod before. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality, but that was only because it was better than the worst I imagined it would be.

I can’t say I definitely like or even love the iPhone, and nor can I say I hate it. I have enjoyed using it. I will admit I was wrong about the touch screen interface, it won me over; actually it pretty much won over everyone in my house.

I can’t vouch for the whole quality of the phone either, and although Antenna issues exist in many phones, my research into the problem, and general issues with iPhones generally aggravated me.

You won’t see me in the Carphone Warehouse or O2 store signing up for a lengthy contract for the device, but it has certainly opened up my eyes to some of its features. If I can, I will try and definitely get a device with a good QWERTY keyboard, and simple interface; but I will also need something that suits my needs.

It’s a shame it didn’t work entirely, because I would have loved to have found out whether the applications, browsing abilities and the like could have also won me over?

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