The Samsung S60 device: 12 out of 10 sex factor

I was just having a geekery chat with MIR staffer, Ben Smith. He was at the Carphone Warehouse Christmas Preview event and, amongst the predictable stocking fillers, he came across the new Samsung handset — the i8510 — which runs Symbian S60.

Mr Symbian himself, Rafe Blandford, had the gossip a few months back — but Ben is seriously impressed.

I asked him to give the Samsung a sex factor where the iPhone is a good 9 out of 10.


That was Ben’s response.

He’s not used the device in anger as yet. But get a load of this:

– 8GB memory (expandable for 20 quid to 16GB)
– 8 megapixel camera
– 3G/WiFi
– Slider form factor

And free for £35 on Orange.

I’ll need to take a look…

Picture 6

Here’s the Carphone Warehouse product page.

By Ewan

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Just to confuse things further there's an 8GB and 16GB [internal memory] variants. Carphone Warehouse is offering an upgrade from the 8GB version to the 16GB, but the upgrade is a microSD card…

I think the 8GB is exclusive to CPW, whereas the 16GB is exclusive to Orange.

Rafe's word is law on this stuff, but I note CPW are only offering it on Orange or SIM free at the moment (now there's a thought…) and it appears to be the 8GB (plus 8GB memory card) variant. Obviously those sourced directly from Orange might be different…

If this is their first(ish) attempt… Wow… think what they could do next.

Indeed – this appears to be the phone the S60 device the N96 SHOULD be. Looks very sexy. My only grrr about the whole Samsung Symbian thing is that the Nokia apps don't like Samsung phones, so no Podcasting App, Nokia Maps, Internet Radio. Which is a shame. 🙁


Guys, how about the Omnia? Ewan have you/anyone at MIR blogged about this phone? BTW… is there a search facility in MIR?

Search? Yes, over on the right under the 2 banners.

Omnia? Yeah – I think I mentioned it in my Carphone Warehouse event write-up and I had hands-on that night, but IMO it's a mediocre WinMob 6 tablet device that requires a stylus but doesn't give you anywhere to stow it. If you want Windows in that form factor then it might be a contender, but it's nothing special.

On the other-hand I was on the e-mail asking about the innov8 (silly name) as soon as I got home!

Yes, the CPW event write up was the only I found about the Omnia.
No, I don't want the WinMob, so the Omnia is crossed out of my wish list.
Innov8? That's totally silly! LOL,. Just call it the S60

Just to confuse things further there's an 8GB and 16GB [internal memory] variants. Carphone Warehouse is offering an upgrade from the 8GB version to the 16GB, but the upgrade is a microSD card.

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Speaking of sex factor and the S60, I first saw this phone in the hands of a close friend. He wanted to show me the quality of the display so he showed me some porn clips. I thought it's funny that I also associate the S60 with sex. I'd give it a 12 myself.

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