We’re at the new LG handset launch on Thursday night

The KC910 is heading this way very quickly. We’ll be there tomorrow night at the LG blogger launch. In fact we’re doing a lot of the filming for next week’s MIR show there.

If you remember at the last LG launch, I was a bit repetitive with the UK Marketing Director about their total lack of developer support.

I wonder, frankly, if the iPhone, T-Mobile USA Application Store and even Nokia bleeting on about their ‘100m application downloads’, is reversing this position.

The KC910 is the successor to the Viewty. It’s got a 240×400 3″ display, fully touchscreen. ISO1600 8MP camera, image stabiliser, geotagging from it’s integrated GPS. VGA at 30fps video or 120fps at QVGA standards. HSDPA. Wifi. TV-Out. SD card capacity of 8GB max.


The LGs have never really been a go-er for me personally, or for anyone on the Mobile Industry Review team. They simply don’t cut it in terms of add-on facilities.

I *need* to be able to get stuff off my handset quickly. And I mean now. I don’t mean arsing about with Bluetooth. I want my media sent to the web in the background. I want to utilise the collective genius of millions of developers by installing their best works on to my handset.

I have no doubt the LG KC910 will be a piece of brilliance though. More soon.

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