Will android be stable?

Here’s a note on Android from Chris Mac Morrison of Catapult Digital:

Metal gear solid? Will android be stable. Android isn’t going to set the world on fire, but it may shift users expectations, just as google have focused on services, they should again on mobile – by giving users what they want in the easiest way possible.

Then throw in new services they never realised they needed.

HTC should provide an adequate hardware platform – though they have always been very poor in digital cameras supplied – something that would be a major tipping point for many consumers looking for a convergent device. Also web photo sharing is still in it infancy in terms of mass market penetration. Music is an area google have so far avoided, Android may see an iron toe dipping in that turbulent water.

Of course google have the advantage of a clean slate and years of other peoples mistakes to avoid. iPhone felt fresh, because it had no legacy to maintain – version 2 stuttered onto phones requiring as many updates as days passed almost. OTA updates are a potential life saver for the modern software developer. I doubt anything will really surprise us with android – but I hope it will Just Flocking Do It. For me its a case of interest, rather than excitement.

I too am hoping for a lot of new services-we-never-knew-we-needed, Chris!

By Ewan

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