Yahoo to power AT&T search, while Google picks Verizon

AT&T, the largest wireless service provider in the US, has today announced that it will start offering search services powered by Yahoo!.

AT&T will offer access to Yahoo’s Onesearch web-based services to approximately 70 million of its total userbase through the provider’s mobile internet portal. The services will include website keyword search along with links to news stories, weather forecasts and flickr photos. 

According to Yahoo, its Onesearch services currently cater to almost 800 million mobile phone users, spread across 60 carriers in Britain, Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific.

Google, on the other hand, is currently in talks with Verizon to power the Search for the second largest carrier in the US. 

Could this be the push Yahoo was looking for? Even if it is, Yahoo’s happy days won’t last too long. If Google starts powering Verizon searches and Verizon gets the regulatory nod to buy Alltel, it is all set to become the largest carrier in the USA.

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