We are all very much enjoying Yammer, I think, here at Mobile Industry Review. Have you played with it recently?

By Ewan

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7 replies on “Yammer”

I think our North American Security team will flunk it. So far just myself, counsel, head of marcom and 3 R&D guys have joined. I generally only post screenshots and mobile events to their blog where it was mentioned and I've never seen analytics so it's tough to say if 5 or 50,000 are reading my posts soooo maybe yammer is better. At least I know who's following me and my crazy rants. I have one follower. haha. Getting people involved is really though. Nobody at our family of tech companies seems to actually care about technology. 3rd screen, much worse. Maybe if we had an internal laconica install I'd see a bit more collaboration interest. Seems like a great idea if you have the right people, or understand how to light a fire under their slothful ass[es].

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