3G Video Calling Demonstration

Since we published the 3G video calling demonstration segment back in the Week 39 show, we’ve had a ton of positive feedback.

So much so that we’ve put the segment into it’s own mini-show. It shows Dan Lane (using 3) video-calling James Whatley (using Vodafone) calling each other.

We were rather surprised at the positive feedback. We originally put the segment in because James couldn’t be with us and we wanted to have him in the show that week. We forgot that many of the international readers of Mobile Industry Review have never had the opportunity to try out video calling for one reason or another — mostly because 3G is, alas, still a pipe dream (no pun) for many operators.

So here it is:

By Ewan

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5 replies on “3G Video Calling Demonstration”

Fabulous! w00t! we've finally found a use for it! (note to self: must build new business case around journos doing off-site intros using postage-stamp sized screens)

A great example of global telecommunications standards co-ordination and massive investment by MNO's equipment and handset vendors delivering a service that absolutely, nearly, no-one uses.


Rather than just pointing the camera at the handset, would it be possible to try capturing a video call using a N95/96 with the video out lead?

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