A chip on my shoulder ‘the size of a banana’

Rob Preston, ‘a senior PR pro’, was not impressed at this post I made back in August talking about how some public relations professionals simply cannot handle two way communication.

Rob was moved so much by my text that he posted this comment today:

Complete and utter nonsense. You obviously have absolutely no clue as to how PR works… and you’re a journalist. Your employers should be worried… with you!

I bet you’re one of those up-tight, annoying, unable to communicate with other people type journalists with a chip on your shoulder the size of a banana… Let’s face it, you’re hardly at the top of your game. Mobile Indusry…. who?

I’m adding you to my list of ‘journalists not to contacted with a good scoop’.

Cheers (a senior PR pro)…

Oh dear, I don’t think he was impressed at all.

Well Rob, relax. I’m not a journalist and you can rest assured that my employers aren’t worried. As a quick hunt around the site would have indicated, I’m the founder.

I don’t think I’m that up-tight or annoying. I think I’m pretty good at communicating with folk as well.

I think you should have published your full identity Rob, rather than hide behind the ‘a senior PR pro’ description.

And that’s Mobile Industry Review, Rob 🙂

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