Blackberry Bold’s OS screw up

I’ve been trying to buy a Blackberry Bold. Full price. No contracts. I just want the handset.

First I went into the Vodafone shop. None left in stock.

Carphone Warehouse? Despite my issue with their insurance, I popped in. None in stock. They’ve all been sent back, I’m told — big, big technical issues with the device’s operating system.


Yup, they’ve got them. Just, not right now. Big issues with the operating system, apparently. Won’t be back in stock ’til the end of the month.


Do I buy one from eBay? A bug ridden new Blackberry Bold?

Decisions, decisions.

By Ewan

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11 replies on “Blackberry Bold’s OS screw up”

In days gone by, “they've all gone back, technical problems with the phone” from a certain large chain of your acquaintance used to mean they had sold out of the stock, or simply didn't have any to begin with; I think it was used to discourage you from buying it elsewhere as you would then worry about getting a phone with those “technical problems”.

I've got one. It's OK… but other than email and all the back-end command and control stuff, it's fairly ordinary… I though it was buggy, but assumed that was just me not having figured it out. The screen is superb and the keyboard excellent. And it does look way more professional than going to meetings with an iPhone or N95/6.

Put it this way, I'd rather have an E71. Expecting the BB Connect software to get announced soon.

It's funny you say that actually, cause I work in Dixons Tax Free at an airport, we've just started stocking the Bold the other week (sold out rather quickly), and now our stock is really constrained.

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