Blackberry Storm gets Developer Tools and an Emulator

With Developers Tools available for the Apple iPhone and Google’s Android platform for quite a while now, and with developers having tremendous success with the former platform (remember the developer who made $250,000 in 2 months?), why would Research In Motion (RIM), the makers of the popular business phone brand Blackberry, keep their developers away?

With the announcement that the Blackberry Application Center will also be available on the Blackberry Storm, RIM has announced the release of developer tools required to get an application ready for the latest touchscreen offering. The developer tools and the required documentation has been made available at the BlackBerry Dev Program microsite.

Following in the footsteps of the just released Android platform, RIM also an emulator available if you wish to browse through the virtual device.

It would be interesting to see the quality of applications that would be made available through the Application Center. Obviously, the phone isn’t aimed at the same demography as the iPhone, but it certainly has a great potential nonetheless.

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