EU ruling could change iPhone’s battery design

The design gurus over at Cupertino might just get a huge task on their heads, if the EU goes ahead with a ruling. The European Union is currently considering a requirement according to which, all cell phones sold should have batteries that can be easily replaced. No points for guessing which phone lacks this ability.

If EU does go ahead with this ruling, it might mean serious trouble for the iPhone 3G. Today, the slim streamlined design of the iPhone is one of its most talked about feature and many a times, acts as its sole USP. Apple will have to make some mighty design changes to the phone, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it might not be as it is today.

According to the policy, (via AppleInsider and New Electronics), the latest set of computer-industry regulations under consideration in Europe may require every phone manufacturer to make sure that replacing batteries in  their phones is as easy as sliding off a cover or removing a couple of screws, none of which is possible with the iPhone 3G.

There might be some good news for Apple though. As per the report, the directive is very vaguely worded at present and the idea behind the directive is to make sure that batteries don’t end up in landfills. If Apple somehow convinces the EU that it’s battery replacement program is far away from that, it could just win itself a sigh of relief.

We’ll keep an eye on anything that comes our way on this.

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