Getting THAT data usage letter from o2

Kip has, apparently, used up more than 3GB of data on o2. This, according to that letter that he got from o2. The dreaded ‘you’re abusing our network’ letter.

The first he heard was this experience:

Was doing a brief shop around Sainsburys when I got an SMS through from O2. It said

‘O2 : Due to your daily data usage being extremely high following our previous warning’

Trouble is, he hadn’t had any previous warnings at all.

Then he got another text from o2 later that day:

‘O2 : Due to an administrative error you may have been contacted again regarding data usage. Please accept our sincere apologies if this error has affected you.’

THEN he got this letter from them:

Leaving him rather confused.

Is he a data fiend? No. He likes to use eMoze for his email — and he does the odd bit of mobile web surfing.

I suspect, Kip, that you will be fine. As you pointed out it looks like a bit of an administrative slip-up.

(But if in doubt, talk to Customer Services!)

By Ewan

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8 replies on “Getting THAT data usage letter from o2”

Is it me or does that say that overage for Wi-Fi usage will be charged at 20p/MB?!?!


Someone is having a laugh.

As it happens I can never get BT Openzone (as included in my O2 iPhone contract) to work.. their DHCP servers never give me an IP address on either of my devices

Surely that letter is the wrong way round. They say: “Bad customer, stop it. Would you like to buy more?”

I'm sure most people would react better to “We have a product that might be better suited to your needs. Oh, by the way we think you might be going a little beyond the norm on the other product.”

I agree. It defies belief that organisations of this size let such letters go out. Surely it's a fundamental of customer relations to get these things right!

I'm sure they'd get more people to upgrade if they did it the other way
around. Instead they people angry and annoyed with the lack of unlimited
[insert Dan Lane quote].


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