Gmail for Mobile goes 2.0

Not too long after the Google Maps for Mobile team announced an update for their My Location feature, the Gmail for mobile team have announced the next big version of the mobile app, version 2.0

Making the jump from 1.5.x to 2.0, a lot of exciting new features have been introduced with this release. On of the most annoying things about the app was the time when there was no signal. As per the team, their focus for this version was to make the whole experience faster and more reliable at the same time. Here’s what version 2.0 brings.

  • Improved Performance: There’s a notable speed improvement and absolutely no lag while scrolling.
  • Multiple Account Management: The new version lets your manage multiple Gmail or Google Apps account, allowing you to quickly switch between them. No more running two apps for Gmail and Google Apps.
  • More Shortcut Keys: The new release adds more power to QWERTY phones, by adding even more shortcut keys for scrolling, undo, new and old conversation etc.
  • Offline Support: At times when there’s no or bad signal, the app allows you to compose a new message or read through your most emails. Outgoing messages are saved to the Outbox and sent out automatically.
  • Multiple Drafts: The new version can also store multiple drafts on the phone.
  • Additional Region Support: The version 2.0 is now available in over 35 languages.

As usual, the latest version is available for download at

The team has also posted a fun video run-through of the new features.

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