Google Earth Comes to the iPhone

Google has finally announced Google Earth for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

All this while, folks who wanted to go round the earth on their mobile screens had to be content with Earthscape, an app similar to Google Earth, but using it’s own imaging. In fact, the developers had dropped its price from $10 to FREE.

This is the third major release from Google’s stable within a span of 5 days. And boy is this a fantastic release. The Google Earth app takes full advantage of the iPhone’s hardware and gives us some impressive features including the ability to:

  • View the Terrain just by tilting the phone.
  • View your location on the globe by using the “My Location” feature.
  • Search cities, places and businesses around the Globe by making use of the Google Local Search.
  • View millions of geo-located photos from around the world with the new Panoramio layer.
  • View geo-located Wikipedia articles for the places.

The app, obviously, is available FREE on the iTunes Store (iTunes Link). I tried searching for the app on the Indian store, but I was told that it is not yet available.

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