iPhone 2.2 Seeded with some Hidden Features

Continuing with its game of Cat and Mouse, Apple has seeded a beta build of the firmware version 2.2 for the iPhone to its developers recently. However, unlike the previously seeded builds, this one was seeded with only “compatibility testing” in the release notes.

Even though Apple cleverly avoided any mention of bug fixes or new features built into the firmware, it didn’t take long for a few souls to find out some of the hidden features in the latest build, reports MobileCrunch.

As per the report, the latest seed of the firmware comes with some noteworthy features:

1. It seems the petition finally paid off. Version 2.2 now comes with an option to toggle the phone’s Auto-Correct feature On or Off. I’m not how much this is going to benefit the others, but I’m surely not going to switch it off. Even though it is a nuisance when using some ‘Hindi‘ words, the feature makes me phrase my sentences in the purest form of US English, thus making it more easy to understand.

2. The version 2.2 is also apparently going to feature Google’s Street View. After being recently added to the mobile version of maps, it makes sense to include the same on the iPhone. I mean, even the Android has it.

3. Support for emoji icons (Picture Characters). As the blog points out, this a must have feature for some Japanese would-be iPhone owners.


It seems that Apple has finally started paying heed to user feedback for the iPhone. Recessed headphone jack, iPod Touch external speakers, Auto-Correct feature… it’s as if the pieces are finally coming together.

Or maybe not!

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