MIR Show Week 42 featuring the iMovio iKit

Here, then, is the exclusive look at the all new iMovio iKit device. It’s intended as a mobile companion device to work alongside your average RAZR or Nokia S40 handset. The target market is very much teenagers and youth who aren’t in the market for an expensive smartphone, but who would like easy internet browsing, IM and email, without having to grapple with the on-device rubbish.

We also visit the Digital Winter event and catch some really, really funky mobile charging equipment (I really like the idea of having a £300 mobile powerstation wherever I am) and, amongst others, you can see the chaps literally lusting after the new Sennheiser bluetooth headset and base station.

Since James was abroad on business for SpinVox most of the week, we had to film without him, thus it falls to me to say:

Cue up MIR Show 42… and roll credits!

Topics discussed:
First: The Digital Winter Gadget Event ( 00:43 )
Steve of Contour talks about Contour Headset with Ben Smith ( 01:09 )
Vortex 16g microSD card ( 02:17 )
Jerry of Paltraveller, Charging Solutions ( 05:03 )
Power Chimp ( 05:25 )
Power Gorilla ( 08:21 )
Solar Gorilla ( 09:24 )
VMX100 Office Base Station ( 12:55 )
Sennheiser VMX 100 Bluetooth Headset ( 13:42 )
Keiron of ( 16:59 )
First Look! The iMovio iKit Mobile Companion, ( 17:29 )
-Dr Jack Torobin, CEO and Nigel Newby-House, Design Director of iMovio

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

36 replies on “MIR Show Week 42 featuring the iMovio iKit”

Ex colleague… She ran the University's radio and telly station when I was head of the charity fundraising organisation, soon meeting her I was suddenly overwhelmed by a sense she'd know I don't really know what I'm doing.

No romantic connections at all Kip.

Ewan: That absolutely needed to be in did it? 🙂

the ikit is definetely not for me.
the idea of tech evolution is to carry less devices around than more.

I thought it helped develop your public image Ben…

And I was looking for something nice to put in the outtakes that wasn't Dan
vomiting* over the guy from Motorola or James slapping* that guy from Nokia.

* Both not actually accurate in any way

2008/10/20 Disqus <>

liked the iMovio. I wouldn't buy it personally but I wish them well. I would like to see a bigger screen, possibly a touchscreen that uses the entire space. Was it easy to close and open – with one hand?

PowerGorilla should win something for the name alone.

Best weekly show on the Web. Til next week…

I do agree but if i browse on my n95 for hours, I will kill the battery and I can't ring or sms anyone. I am very very tempted by this. I think it is awesome. I can be in Uni and just want to check my email or FB very quickly. Awesome.

Thanks Mate.

See what happens when you start giving prizes to commenters…? 😉

Seriously guys – bit of a dry one this week. Soz ''bout that. Enjoy the variety if not the presentation…

er….the evolution of mobile devices argues the other way. We are carrying more stuff than ever – MP3 Players, digicams, GPS devices, laptops, netbooks, games consoles etc. If people wanted converged devices, then these other devices wouldn't exist – but they do, in an ever-increasing plethora of niche.

Why should evolution mean convergence? I'd argue evolution deliberately diverges. If evolution meant convergence we'd only have a few animals, not the millions of species we have now.

In a battery-powered world, having one device is a single point of failure – and as Ewan discovered to his loss this weekend in Paris, putting all your e-ggs in one basket just leads to tears 😉

Dr. Jack's hair is awesome! reminds me of Al Pacino, that alone made the show!
getting back to the ikit. i guess it would be cool to have it by your bed side and jump on the web anytime for a quick search. depending on the price point i would consider it. but then again, nothing a N810 can't do.

Very good show guys — judging from the comments, the iMovio caught the most attention (and it is a fascinating device, especially for the market it's aimed at), but am I the only one that was riveted by the power segment? I LOVED all the solar powered schwag, I can see the big one (Sun Gorilla?) being in the back window of my vehicle charging any number of things.

Great stuff!

Cheers Olly, we aren't hugely happy with this episode as we had some great content but technical issues meant we couldn't bring you some of the better footage.

I guarantee that next week's show will be an absolute corker though! 🙂

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