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Mobile 2.0 Service of the Week #2 – Taptu

Hello hello it’s James from mjelly again … last Friday we kicked off a new feature for Mobile Industry Review – highlighting a different Mobile 2.0 site or app each week, to give a taste of some of the great next generation mobile stuff out there.

The first mobile 2.0 service we looked at was the mobile site builder and community site Peperonity.  This week we are going to give a quick run-down of the very excellent mobile search service Taptu.


What is it?

Taptu is a search engine designed specifically for mobile devices and mobile users.  The service focuses on entertainment and content searches (video, images, music), but also covers the web, news, blogs and mobile-optimized sites.  There’s a strong social element to Taptu – you can share the searches via SMS, email or twitter and you can save a list of your friends on the site to make it easy to ping them with stuff.  The site also remembers the searches you have done and recommends things to you to cut down on clicks and browsing around.  Another interesting feature of Taptu is the “I’m bored” button that will serve up something to amuse you from some of the most recent popular searches.  The company is based out of Cambridge UK, was founded in 2005, launched in 2007, and has already won a number of awards.


Why is it interesting?

Taptu seems to be a very well funded operation and they are investing a lot of this money in really pushing back the boundaries of mobile user experience.  If you browse their mobile site you will see that an incredible amount of care and attention has gone into the navigation, design, layout and copy.  Taptu is perhaps the first mobile web site to really succeed in bringing the clean, functional but beautiful web 2.0 aesthetic to the small screen.  If you are building a mobile web site these guys are the benchmark for design and usability.

The other reason Taptu are worth watching is that they are taking on an absolutely massive opportunity in mobile search – with all guns blazing.   Sooner or later we’ll see the first billion dollar mobile 2.0 acquisition and Taptu could be it.

See you next week for another example of mobile 2.0 goodness.

You can find Taptu on on mjelly, which is a directory of mobile things at on your PC and on mobile

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