Mobile Industry Review Show – The G1 – Week 40

This week, we’ve turned Google.

And courtesy of T-Mobile UK’s branding of their launch event, we’ve — generally — gone pink, too. Yes indeed, last week we were at T-Mobile’s Winter launch, checking out what’s coming for the all-important Christmas period.

The Nokia N96, the LG Renoir, the E71, one of the top Samsungs, as well as T-Mobile’s own USB Mobile Broadband WiFi Hub (that got Dan Lane very hot under the collar. Despite already having a WiFi router at home with USB broadband stick support, I think he wants one!)

Of course, the T-Mobile Google handset, the G1, manufactured by HTC, is the biggie. For that reason we’ve dedicated most of the show to that. Indeed, we bring you the entire walk-through by T-Mobile’s Richard W. Richard was the event’s assigned G1 expert and he showed us a lot of the device features — we’ve brought you that unedited and direct — almost 10 minutes of it.

What does Rafe Blandford of All About Symbian think of the G1? We bring you his view during the episode. (In fact we’ve got a supplemental show coming this week featuring Mr Blandford in more detail on the G1.)

T-Mobile UK’s Winter launch was also a good opportunity to do some normob (relatively) walk-abouts as we haven’t had the opportunity to do many of those recently. Dan Lane takes the camera — as is right and proper — and follows James Whatley on a tour around the room.

* James takes us on a quick introduction to the event ( 00:58 )

* Rafe Blandford on the G1 ( 02:08 )

* Normob Tour ( 04:00 )

* Ben Smith & Dan Lane walk around each stand at the event ( 08:12 )

* We talk to Will McInnes on his views representing T-Mobile and the new G1 ( 09:52 )

* Richard Warmsley of T-Mobile gives us the ‘official’ T-Mobile G1 walk-through (unedited) ( 12:47 )

* The MIR Show team give their view of the G1 ( 29:13 )

* An finally, we have Ben’s facts ( 33:01 )

A bumper show this week — 35:02 minutes.

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