Multiple clients on Android IM application

For the last four hours I have been trying to get the G1’s IM client to add another account. I’m using my main Mobile Industry Review account on the device — but I have a load of other accounts that I’d like to use — MSN, Yahoo and so on — but I can’t for the life of me work out how to add them.

It appears to be possible judging by the screenshot of the video posted by the Google Android IM/Gtalk team.

I can’t find a How-To or a manual for this… has anyone figured it out?

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Google Talk is Jabber, which is a pretty flexible in what it can do.

You can find a Jabber MSN Transport, link that to your GTalk account, and enjoy MSN through GTalk under one login. The downside is that I've yet to find a good stable MSN Transport.

ah i see what you mean now – i think its the general – multiple google accounts issue

they need a merge tool! 🙂

if you like everyone else has 27 google accounts

I prefer Maverick over Meebo because Meebo seems to require that I login all the time. I'm surprised that it doesn't have a “remember password” option. Maverick stays logged in, or at least will remember my password so I don't have to type it in every time. It also has Gmail notification functionality, but I keep that turned off because I prefer the built-in notification. The only downside is that Maverick only supports GTalk.

He … it's easy why. Because it's closed protocol, closed source, so Nobody can “legally” use it wothout MS client and Nobody can guarantee what is happening with your data!. MSN also does not exists for a lot of platforms … dont forget. windows are NOT alone here…

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