Nimbuzz updates for Touchscreen, WinMo phones and Location Services

The folks over at Nimbuzz have just announced an update which brings a whole lot of new goodies for the consumer. We first covered the app back in May and since then, they’ve been hard at work to bring us these following features.

1. Location Services:

While this feature was already available in the S60 version, seeing its popularity, the same has now been added to Java phones and the Blackberry phone. Users can now share their location and view the locations of their buddies who are connected and online.

2. Regional Translations:

Indonesian, Russian and Polish language support has been added to the list of officially supported languages, taking the count to 11.

3. Support for Windows Mobile Phones

Nimbuzz has finally added support for Windows Mobile Phones. So if you have one or have friends who use a WinMo device, this is a good time to invite them onto the network.

4. Support for Touchscreen phones:

The folks have now brought Java touchscreen phones such as LG Viewty or Prada, Motorola’s ROKR E6 and other such phones under their support roof. Users can now call, chat, text, use location services, exchange files and photos and even visit chatrooms.

Head over to from your mobile phone to download yourself a copy.

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