skins4things is ready to wrap your device in gorgeous ‘skins’

3, Toshiba and Amnesty International first clients for product personalisation company skins4things.

skins4things provides custom-made ‘skins’ for laptops, iPods, games
consoles and mobile phones. You just stick on the vinyl and woosh, you’ve now got a Union Jack coloured iPod. Or N95. And so on. Nice!

If you’d like your own white labeled store for your brand, talk to the co-founder, Alex Meisl (Or email me and I’ll connect you). Their 3 branded store ( has been hugely successful.

Skins start from just under a fiver. I wonder if they can change my Nokia E90 into a Mobile Industry Review branded handset? 😉 I think that might be a custom job as the company has wisely focused on providing skins for the most popular handsets in the country.

This RAZR doesn’t look that bad now 😉

By Ewan

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