SMS Shortcode needed for Student Radio Station

I need some help from you the lovely readers!

You may or may not be aware that I am part of my university’s student station Shock Radio and we are looking for a short or long code. We would would then need the SMS to be delivered to an email address.

We are a non profit organisation and really don’t want to make our listeners have to pay more for the message then they have to.

Ideally a long code would be fantastic as it would mean people can text from their inclusive texts in their contract.

Currently we have a old Nokia that connects to a computer and a script then converts the SMS into an email. The only issue is that it is not the most reliable bit of kit.

I would appreciate any suggestions you may have; either below in the comments or you can contact me on

PS (Sly plug here sorry Ewan) If would like to listen to my delightful tones then you can catch me 8pm until 10pm (BST) every Thursday from November 6th. More Details click here!


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